Remembering this experience taught by Father Francisco Palau to the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, some educational presences accompanied by the Congregation share with us significant moments of the Palautian celebration during the month of November. We appreciate their joy, creativity and commitment to the education of children and youth.

Mater Carmeli College - Rome

The celebration of Fr. Francisco Palau consisted of looking for his voice among us today. We began at each level with a moment of prayer and then worked on different aspects of his life and missionary work.

  • Secondary: the value of friendship with the letter of Fr. Palau to Ildefonso Gatell. What a good friend is a friend in time of need.
  • Primary: The voice that Fr. Francisco Palau would say if he were here, and they wrote them on balloons.
  • Children: How Fr. Palau met Jesus and by walking so much he transmitted his love for the Church to us.

Sports activities: P. Palau Cup and Solidarity Fishing in favour of Prokarde.

Carmel Nursery and Primary School - Enugu (Nigeria)

In preparation for the celebration of our father Francisco Palau School children learned some palautian songs taught by the Carmelite Missionary Sisters. They were very happy to learn and sing those songs. They also enjoyed seeing the photographs of our Father Founder.

The feast of Fr. Palau was great, the children learned about his life, how he became a great lover of the Church, whom he discovered in God and in his neighbour. The virtues of love, charity, prayer, holiness and truthfulness were taught to our children and they were invited to follow his example and ask for his intercession. Another happy moment for the children of the school was the sharing of a small snack which enhanced the communion among them.

Some of the school children went out to visit their sick classmates in different hospitals in Enugu such as Mother of Christ Hospital, Park Lane Hospital and Orthopaedic Hospital. In this way we cultivated in them the desire to embrace the mission and to be missionaries. Blessed Francisco Palau, pray for us. Sister Evelyn Kelechukwu Ossai, CM

Mater Carmeli School - Enugu

We celebrated with our students in honour of Fr. Francisco Palau our Founder. We joined the Feast of Fr. Palau with the celebration of thanksgiving to our students for the success in their exams and on the same day the CMS renewed its commitments. We thank God for our Fr. Founder, it is because of his passion for the Church that today young people enjoy our institutions, and the CMS grow and dedicate themselves to love God and the poorest of the poor.

Francisco Palau School - Malawi

We started the day with a talk on the history of Fr Francisco Palau to the teachers and other support staff. We then had a talk with the younger children and told them that Fr. Palau was a loving, hardworking and courageous man, and so we encouraged them to love each other at school, at home and everywhere, and to work hard at school. Afterwards we danced and shared a snack with the children and lunch with the staff. At 3:00 pm we had the celebration of the Eucharist with all the children, school and hospital staff, CMS members and other parishioners. We really enjoyed the day.

Sister Maria Angella Mpotola, CM

Sacred Heart Vocational School - Lagos - Nigeria

Here in Lagos we celebrated with the young people the Feast of our Founder. Mary Odiase gave them a talk on the life of Fr. Palau and the virtues he lived, especially love for God and others, humility, courage and perseverance. She invited the Youth to practice these virtues as a sure path to a better future.

Abuja School - Nigeria

The school is not ours, but we had the opportunity to share and celebrate singing with the children and teachers during the day about our Founder Blessed Francisco Palau. They were very happy. Sr. Juliana Ugwoke, CM

El Carmelo - Lo Prado/ Chile

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