Meeting of Directors General of European Schools.

On 7 and 8 February, the Directors General of the Carmelite Missionary schools in Europe, together with the Titularity Team, held a meeting in Barcelona, in our "Interiority Space".

The proposed Objective is to Create and Develop Synergies, encompassed in different moments:

-Exchange space.

-Space for coexistence and mutual knowledge.

-Leadership space.

-Palautian Space.

-Thank you space.

Once again, the enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to exchange, to share and enrich ourselves of this gear that make up our Carmelite Missionary Carmelite schools in Europe has been evident.

It has been a stimulus for all of us to be able to share and complement each other's experiences, which make us feel part of a whole that goes beyond the centre where we carry out the mission. We return home with the challenge of continuing to grow in our dedication to this "sublime mission" that is education.

Team: Fernando, Marisa and sister Isilda.

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