Today, 20 May, at 1 p.m. (Rome time), the CMS Committee of the Mater Carmeli - Europe Demarcation met with the CMS International Committee. Also present were Sisters Loida Tortogo and Angélica Conde, from the CM General Council and Sister Lola Jara, advisor of the European Demarcation.
We began with a prayer of invocation to the Holy Spirit, that He might inspire and guide us in this hour.
The themes of the meeting were based on the communion and union of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Family in the world, such as the choice of a symbol and a hymn to represent us to the whole world population; the concern of how to raise solidarity funds for the activities and organisation of the International Committee. We also talked about how the Formative Itinerary is being received by the groups in Europe.
At the end, there was space for suggestions and proposals for activities for the 5-year mandate of this new International Committee.
We say goodbye, but not before thanking Mary, Our Mother, with a prayer of the month of Mary Palautian.
It was a meeting full of joy, from which we left with the certainty that we are one big family, united by the same charism: that of our founder, Francisco Palau.


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