"The voice of God leaves no void in the soul, it fills it and does not waver".. With the words of Francisco Palau, the European Assembly of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel began on 11-12 November in the Diocesan Seminary of Avila. After two years without an assembly, about 80 people from the groups of Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Portugal, together with relatives and the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, shared the spirituality of Blessed Palau full of joy and with all the love that we have for each other as a family.

During these days, the participants were able to enjoy a training session led by Myrna Torbay with the presentation of the theme "Communion of wills: Identity, vocation and mission of the committed lay person", an exciting topic that invited us to continue sharing in our home groups. We worked on the association's own themes, economy, training, international CMS, the new Prokarde project by zones and the election of the new European Committee, with the repetition of all the members.

We share prayers, celebrations, feasts... in an atmosphere of total joy and friendship.

We are very much looking forward to the International Assembly of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel on line from 16 to 20 November.

The Holy Spirit was with us accompanying and enlightening us and with a soul full of happiness we said goodbye until the next European Assembly in October 2023 in Livron.

May the Lord, the Virgin and the saints of Carmel accompany us on our journey.

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