The CMS group from Krakow participated in the annual feast of Our Lady of the Scapular in Czerna on 22 July 2023. It was the second time we went to the Discalced Carmelite Monastery in Czerna to pray with the whole Carmelite family on that day. At the beginning there was a solemn Holy Mass celebrated by the Superior General of the Discalced Carmelite Order, Father Miquel Marquez Calle OCD. It was a great opportunity to raise funds for our Prokarde project; this year the Krakow group is raising money to support the construction of the school for girls and boys in Nigeria, Akpoga region. We sold books, tea, coffee, handmade sweets, refreshing flavoured water, but also tablecloths, woollen scarves and rag dolls. People were quite generous, they wanted to help the mission and the Carmelite projects, so we collected 800 euros.

It was also an opportunity to talk about and promote CMS spirituality and the work of Francisco Palau.

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