"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few".

Such a beautiful sentence said by Jesus. Isn't it? We the CMS members are the few workers that works for the church through dedication. What is CMS? CMS is the short form of Carmelite Missionaries Secular. CMS brings together lay faithful of all ages and sets out to promote the identity by organizing, evaluating, praying, sharing and recognizing the mission of lay person in the church. It is organised by a management board consisting of Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.


A meet of Team Asia was organized on 5th March 2022, Saturday at 17:00 hrs (India time). Members for Philippines, Korea, India, Rome actively participated in the meet. The agenda for this meet was to acquaint each other and plan future events to celebrate 150th Death Anniversary of Blessed Francisco Palau.


The meet started with a beautiful opening prayer and prayer of the CMS. Calendar of meetings from March to October was shared. Details of International Assembly were discussed. A slide sharing number of members what will participate in 4 meetings.th international assembly were shared amongst the members. Period of the government mandate were discussed where in the maximum duration of mandates in the central governing body will be 5 years instead of 6 years. Same person may hold the position for a maximum period of 10 consecutive years and once the maximum period has elapsed, re-election is to be carried out.

Finally, the meet ended with a beautiful family picture and a heart touching prayer.

Lastly I would like to share a quote:

"When an action meets compassion, lives change".

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