We continue to move forward in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the death of Father Palau, founder of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, and we invite you to participate in the Cantata Palautiana. Here we leave the bases for it, do not miss this opportunity.

a. The Carmelite Missionary Sisters celebrate the 150th anniversary of their foundation.
anniversary of our founder's Easter:
Francisco Palau and Quer. To share this great event with you, family,
friends, youth groups and Secular Missionary Carmel (CMS), we call on you to participate
in the "Cantata Palautiana" to be held on 29 October.
b. We want to encourage them to expose their talent and musical creativity, with compositions
that communicate the values of Francisco Palau's charism for today. The proposed motto
as an inspiration is: "With Francisco Palau, let us walk together in one heart".
c. The call is open to all composers and groups from different countries.
where the figure of Francisco Palau is known.
The aim is to celebrate and strengthen the experience of fraternity and communion that makes us
family and to offer to others the great richness of Father Palau's charism and his message o
contribution to today's world.
a. Participants may register free of charge, with no age limit. They can be
soloists, musical groups, choirs and sisters.
b. Participants may register as a group or as individuals by filling in the following form
from 8 July to 30 August. The form can be accessed from
the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wNu5jOLgXkFyp673D79M8HoLT06tvkJc14jAByfLUv0/
c. Each demarcation or country may participate with a maximum of two songs, in its own
language, preferably in the languages of the congregation (Spanish and English).d. The lyrics and melody must be unpublished.
the culture of the country or region of origin. The composition of the theme and the musical genre
is free, existing songs are also accepted respecting the authorship credits.
a. The length of the song must be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes.
b. The composed song shall be recorded in VIDEO, and the quality of the video shall be HD EN
GO FORWARD. Also, keep AUDIO QUALITY in mind: good volume and sound.
of course.
c. The recording of this clip does not require professionalism. It may be recorded by the same group
while he is singing.
d. The participant or group must have uploaded the composition to THEIR OWN channel on
YOUTUBE, no later than 30 September 2022, and upon completion of the action,
ATTACH THE VIDEO LINK to the cantata mail:
cantatapalautiana22@carmelitasmisioneras.org, specifying in the subject line the name of the
or participants. If you do not have a channel, send it directly to the email address of the
e. A WORD FILE [.DOC] with the lyrics of the song must be attached. If you wish,
the participant may also attach musical chords and the score of the song.
f. The presentation of the cantata, in its entirety, will be in a virtual form, with a duration of
The 2-hour event will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of: Carmelitas
Missionaries in the world. The co-ordinating team reserves the right to select the
songs that will be presented in the cantata, however, all the songs that are entered
will be published on our social networks.
Organising Team
Carmelite Missionary Sisters and Laity Argentina, Chile and Peru

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