On October 24, the Board and the PROKARDE Delegates met for the first time under the presidency of Sr. Gemma Martín.

We had luxury guests, as Sisters Lila Ramírez (General Superior), Angelica Conde (General Councilor) and Carmen Ibáñez (Provincial Superior) shared the first space of the meeting.

After Sister Gemma's words of greeting and prayer, Sister Lila and Angélica greeted us affectionately, with the simplicity and closeness of someone who knows each other in family. They threw us a challenge: What values ​​will we have to make visible in this stage that we are living? We are in contact with realities that are becoming increasingly fragile, more vulnerable. Where are we? How are we? How do we want to be? "I don't want to be deceived, but for the moment you are, it seems to me, a good start, and you promise to bear good fruit" (P. Palau. Letter 13)

Sister Lila and Angélica said goodbye and Sister Carmen still shared with us the first points of the meeting.

Having read and approved the minutes of the last meeting, we got down to work.

The Assembly has entrusted us with the task of giving new impetus to the Association and we want to do so decisively and effectively.

The Delegations are taking the first steps to integrate into the different REDES teams, thus Sr. M José Mariño (Castilla y León) is integrated into "Political incidence"; Lola and Carmen (Delegation of Andalusia) will take the first steps in the "Volunteer team". Also Alba and Chon teachers from the Granada school will try to participate in the “Education Team”. In some provinces, they are participating in “Poverty 0” activities,…; we are on the move, on departure.

We have started to draw the profile for the part-time position that we want to hire for the HEADQUARTERS. Bureaucracy and life run in parallel and the work to be done is becoming more and more specific and we have considered it necessary to have more people and dedication time.

Sr. Carmen Ibáñez also offers us help for some specificities (communication and others) from our Province. It's coffee time that we can't have together. Sr. Carmen and Lola (Granada) say goodbye to us as other matters require their presence.

We have set ourselves duties in the second part of the meeting: Contributions to the profile of the person to be hired, landing in the Delegations of the next steps in our Strategic Reflection, contributions to the renewal of Statutes, ...

Monica communicates the steps taken in the Mission and Management Team where she represents us.

We will take out the Magazine and the calendars in the Christmas Campaign, and we encourage ourselves to make solidarity hydrogel bottles with the PROKARDE label that will come in handy to carry with us at all times.

There is a desire to work, although the COVI wants to make it difficult for us. The solidarity machinery of the Delegations is underway: lotteries, Christmas baskets, solidarity gifts, ... we will continue to tell you and, having touched on the topic of "tell" know what "We count”With all of you: sisters, family, friends,… ..

Mª Victoria (Charo) Alonso