Saturday 24 April commemorates the beatification of Francisco Palau, founder of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters. The General Assembly of Prokarde, the ngo of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Europe, is held.

Almost 100 people had the opportunity to participate in this Assembly virtually, as is becoming the norm in these times of pandemic, given that covid is not allowing face-to-face meetings. And more than closing doors, it is allowing us to open borders, we came together from Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Colombia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Central America .....

As the screen filled with faces, the joy of reunion for many and the opportunity to get to know each other for others created a family atmosphere.

Gema Martín, president of the Association, began the prayer that introduced us to the true meaning of Prokarde: to respond to Jesus' invitation to continue updating his message of being bearers of life and happiness, promoting the integral development of people. and peoples in the social, health, cultural and economic fields; favouring the education of children and adults, the promotion of women, making possible a process that from within their own countries and cultures leads to an improvement in the quality of family and social life; with cooperation projects, sponsorship of children and young people, aid to guarantee the promotion of people and help them to have a more dignified life; experiences of missionary cooperation, training volunteers who can go to third world countries.

Afterwards, a brief greeting from the attendees, which made us feel like one big family, with different faces and languages, but with something in common, the urgency to contribute our grain of sand to make a more humane world where justice is a reality.

The projects attended to in 2020 were presented and the reality of the economic situation, which due to the pandemic has required a readjustment of the budget and attention to the projects presented, was echoed. The different delegations of Andalucía, Madrid, Castilla León, Navarra, Cataluña, also presented the activities that they have been able to carry out during the year, which have been affected by the situation that humanity is going through, but which have not exhausted the commitment and search for alternatives, which allow us to continue raising awareness of the need to get involved with the brothers and sisters who have the least.

With all this information, concerns, alternatives, projects, activities, life and enthusiasm, we were warming up the missionary spirit of all those present, who said goodbye with the joy of sharing and the challenge of continuing to be messengers of the message of the Risen Jesus in the style of Francisco Palau "To love God, to love my neighbour, is the object of my mission".

At 13:15 the Prokarde 2021 Assembly came to an end, with many "reactions" valuing this meeting that puts us in tune with each other and makes us feel like missionaries, God has no hands, he has our hands, he has no feet, he has our feet........... Keep up the good work, and keep working for a fairer humanity! This is what makes us happy.

In the name of the Lord Jesus THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!, "as you did it to one of these little ones, you did it to me".






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