The sisters of the communities "Francisco Palau" Rome General House and "Mater Carmeli" College, have had the celebration of the Agape.

In prayer we were united spiritually and we wanted to be in solidarity with all those who suffer in body and spirit. We felt the joy of fraternity, celebrating the Agape that reminds us that we are disciples of the One who went through the world doing good and freeing us from evil, the One who gave himself totally out of Love. This Holy Thursday evokes in us the gestures and words of Jesus who invites us to live each day sharing the table that makes us brothers and sisters.

From the reading of Philippians 2, 1-7 we reflected on what it means to have the same feelings as Christ, who emptied himself and took on the condition of a servant. We contemplated washing his feet, based on Eduardo Meana's song "Wash us, Lord", which we listened to as we shared bread and wine at the tables, evoking what might have been the last supper.

At the end of the prayer, we shared a festive meal, feeling in communion with the whole Congregation and wishing that we may be bearers of this LOVE OF GOD AND LOVE OF OUR NEIGHBOUR, which makes us more and more like the Lord's self-giving.

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