From 20 to 22 January, the sisters under 66 years of age of the Province "Mater Carmeli" Europe met at the centre Espai d'Interioritat Francesc Palau, Inmaculada 55, Barcelona, convened by the Provincial Council.

Most of us arrived at different times on Thursday 19, so the greetings were spread out, imagine forty-two sisters! Some had not seen each other for a long time, and some were meeting for the first time.

During the first part of Friday and Saturday morning, Father Silvio Bueno accompanied us with various themes such as ongoing formation, its different models: paradigms of imitation, following and identification. The theme of affectivity in its definition and the aspects that it includes or affects.

Conflicts and the interesting metaphor of the 6 main deposits of building an emotional bank account:

1. Listen without judgement listen and try to understand 

2. pay attention to the little things

3. clarify expectations.

4. Maintain commitments.

5. Demonstrate personal integrity.

6. Apologise sincerely. 

How to deal with conflict and conflict models. All this through an attractive methodology with the projection of different videos and ppt.

Paradigms of human interaction. Life scripts. And various dangers of religious life such as not giving oneself completely; opting for an individual and not a communitarian path or not knowing how to approach the tension between individuality and belonging.

The second moment took place on Saturday after lunch with the assembly in which, after a moment of prayer and the greeting of Sr. Cecilia Andrés, Provincial Superior, in which she thanked us for the response to the convocation, as it showed the effort and the desire to meet and share, she invited us to leave our daily life, our local vision, and to open ourselves to a wider horizon which is the Province, present in six countries. 

We shared in "discussion groups" different aspects, feelings and concerns that arise when we take a look at the demarcation. Analysing and specifying paths for the future, involvement and commitment. Expressions related to discernment, identity, significance, sense of belonging, availability, lifestyle, fragility... correlated and illuminated by the Gospel.

The work of these days was surpassed in intensity during the Sunday morning, in which expressions of hope, trust, paths for discernment and significance were shared, recognising the difficulties and fragility.

We ended the session welcoming the questions and challenges raised by Sr Cecilia and looking forward to meeting again in May.

Pilar Iglesias cm

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