Comprehensive training for leaders

San Francisco (Quezon)  

Objective: To develop an integral formation for catechists and to improve the sanitary infrastructure of some families of the Parish "San Francisco de Asís".

Project description

  • The beneficiaries are 31 catechists and 10 of their families.
  • They belong to the population displaced to Luzon, coming from other islands and economically dependent on the cultivation of coconut plantations that they do not own.
  • The project aims to complement this training with two days of intensive retreat per year and to provide toilet facilities for 10 families.

Promoting lay people for community development

Siay, Sibugay (Zamboanga )

Objective: Develop a training programme for the 8 leaders of the parish of San José Obrero, extended to the leaders of the 29 chapels and the Christians of 7 zones in the region of Siay.


  • This area of Mindanao suffers from terrorist violence and Christians try to live peacefully with Muslims, other faiths and the various indigenous tribes. The role of Christian leaders benefits social cohesion and peace among all members of society.
  • Due to the mountainous geography, transport and care for the small Christian communities is difficult.
  • The project consists of training leaders through meetings and seminars over a period of two years.
  • At the same time, a multiplier effect is planned for the population of the Siay region.

Safe water through the construction of a borehole

Siay, Sibugay (Zamboanga )

Target: To provide drinking water through the construction of a well.


  • The project aims to build a well on parish land for the human consumption of the population of Siay.
  • The beneficiaries are: The parish community of San José Obrero de Siay (29 chapels) and the general population.
  • In this way, evangelistic and social activities are promoted.
  • The Siay area is a victim of the mining industry that wastes and pollutes much of the area's water. The government rations water and often cuts off the supply for several days.

Learning and enjoying music

Mati (Davao)

TargetOrganise a musical group with children and young people at risk of social vulnerability.


  • The beneficiaries are 25 children, 25 young people and other members of the Divine Mercy parish of Mati.
  • The project aims to help children and young people discover their musical abilities, grow in self-confidence, and channel their talents by forming a musical group.
  • Provide musical instruments and the necessary instruction in their use.

Water supply through the construction of a borehole

Dueñas (Iloilo)

TargetTo deepen the existing well to increase its flow and supply the needs of human consumption and crop irrigation.


  • The project aims to deepen the existing well or build a new one.
  • Beneficiaries: the Centro de Vida, all the users, the farmers who cultivate on our land.
  • The water supply in Dueñas depends on rainfall, as it comes from the nearby stream that dries up in the summer. There is a shallow well that does not meet the irrigation needs of the poor people's crops and when camps are held.
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