Mission of Formentera

Mission of Formentera The missionary project of Francisco Palau in Ibiza for the year 1865, was reduced. Without concluding. We have already seen it. Four villages remained without mission. Although they planned to finish the following year, it was not like that. The documentation in possession attests that Francisco was required for a new mission there, in 1866. Without […]

Francisco Palau in epidemics II

  In Aitona and in 1868, again, the situation of three years ago is repeated. Countless epidemics requested the presence of Francisco. Both family and countrymen. Palau presence, unconditional attention to them. And similar intervention of the bishop. Incredible and inexplicable! * The yellow fever of Barcelona 1870. Typhus hicteroides invaded, with […]

Francisco Palau in epidemics

We live in a deeply complicated human - social moment. Despite efforts to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to make it disappear. On the contrary, he is at home with us and returns with more intensity. They are months of deep suffering. Thousands of patients in extreme situations. Families devastated by the loss of their […]

Ibiza Mission V

IBIZA V MISSION Francisco Palau used to concentrate on his ecclesial meditations. He took advantage of the long journeys to do so, next to the image of the Virgin. In rest intervals, too. And he dialogued, intimately, with his Beloved. Master in these struggles! He contemplated her, live, in the Church of Ibiza: The Virgin, figured in her […]

Ibiza Mission IV

IBIZA MISSION IV The figures recorded in the previous reflection eloquently denote the state of neglect in which the population of Ibiza was plunged. Proverbial was the ignorance on the Island and massive illiteracy. In them we identify the background with which Father Palau expressed his concern for the trance […]

Ibiza Mission III

Ibiza III Mission According to the apostolic administrator, Fr. Palau proposes not only evangelical goals. Social, too. For he perceived, exactly, the mutual interference between the religious and the social. He had the ability to do it! Or not? They have oriented, the mission, a priority but not only, to the religious and moral transformation of […]

Mission in Ibiza II

Ibiza 65 II Mission The mission left the Es Cubells sanctuary. The retinue was presided over by the Queen: the image of the Virgin of Virtues. People joined each other and listened, to Palau, sometimes, even in the rain -Another so much happened the previous year- Right? At various times, as the […]

Mission in Ibiza I

             Ibiza Mission 1865 I Upon verifying the missionary pedagogy of Fr. Palau and the joy of the faithful at the conclusion of the mission of 1864, they hired him for the following year. With good reason. Well, Palau managed to have a profound impact on the religious life of the Island. Through the testimony of his life. […]

The mission of Prat de Llobregat II

THE MISSION OF THE PRAT OF LLOBREGAT II (With this reflection I complete the previous one. This one delves into the content of what was expressed in that one). The method used by the missionaries in these apostolic tours has its own characteristics. In each place. Such a fact tests the sensitivity of the apostle. That of Palau, in this case. His capacity […]

The mission of the Prat de Llobregat I

The mission of Prat de Llobregat I Satisfied with the work carried out in the previous towns, the bishop decided… What? That Father Palau went to mission in the Prat de Llobregat. He requested the cooperation of the municipal authorities. With which he wanted to stimulate the common task of restoring morale in the neighborhood. The […]


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