The Carmelite Missionary Schools of the Province "Mater Carmeli" Europe are opening their doors to the new school year. And as every year they do it with a common motto that creates communion and gives meaning to the actions that are carried out in them.

For the academic year 2023-24 the motto is:   FIND YOUR VOICE.

A motto that aims to help all the people who make up the educational communities of the schools to find that inner voice that dwells in them, the voice of Jesus and of the brothers and sisters.

There are many activities scheduled throughout the year to develop the objectives of the motto. Reflections on the values, Eucharistic celebrations and celebrations, dynamics to work with students and teachers, articles related to the theme and resources that will help in the pastoral work of the centres.

You will have the opportunity to get to know 10 people who contribute to building a fairer society. Each month of the course will be dedicated to one of these people. This helps them to see how human-Christian values are embodied in concrete people and challenges them to see how each person can be a bearer of these values, which are the basis of human happiness.

From the hand of Francisco Palau, who tells us that "the voice of God leaves no void in the soul, it fills it and does not waver", they begin this adventure.

Courage to all of you in the education communities!!!

                                   Happy 2023/2024 Course

Angélica Conde cm

Photographs of the Teachers' Cloisters

San Josep - Barcelona

Santa Teresa - Tarrassa
Santa Teresa - Getafe - Madrid
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