A time of silence, of encounter, of peace

From this small desert in the cityThe view is of Barcelona, with the sea in the background, bright and luminous, as the Mediterranean always is, and the city's most significant buildings emerge on the horizon.

Within this picturesque landscape, the community of P. Palau (Vallpar, 3) is located with a new element to better serve its mission: the Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes Chapel. This simple place opens its doors to anyone who wants to have a good time with us. experience of a "cave", of silence, of contemplation. It is a small but cosy space, which offers the opportunity to pray with the Teresian Sanjuanista - Palautian spirituality.

Those who wish to come for this type of experience will have access to the chapel of Fr. Palau, with two beautiful terraces and a unique natural environment to enjoy nature. At the same time, material for reflection, prayer and study about our charism will be available.

Urban hermitage experience

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