Dear Sisters:
On 5 November we celebrated in the Church of San Benito el Real the 150th anniversary of the
Easter of Francisco Palau, in a Eucharist presided over by Archbishop Don Luis Argüello
and concelebrated by Fr. Javier Frontela, Superior of the Carmelites, several Fathers of the Carmelite Fathers, and Fr.
community and Don Guillermo Camino, parish priest and chaplain of Zaratán.
With the presence of the two communities, Delicias and Zaratán, the Secular Missionary Carmel,
Some Teresian Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Palencia, relatives and friends.

As CMS we prepare for this celebration with joy and a certain amount of nervousness. From the
the choice of the site, the design of the information poster that was distributed throughout the city, the brochure
with the songs and contact with the participants.
We count on the voices and guitars of Roberto and Montse, with the unconditional support of the
two communities and the welcome of the Carmelite Fathers, who provided us with all the facilities we needed.
to carry out the event.

Archbishop Don Luis, in his homily, highlighted the relevance of the Palautian charism in
our 21st century society and how today the service of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters continues to be
in force in the church in Valladolid.
We join in communion with all the sisters who, like us, are celebrating this beautiful

We go out into our communities, families and apostolates with the firm commitment to continue to
in the footsteps of Francis, encouraged by his spirit and his motto: "Love God, love your neighbour".
is the object of my mission.
A big hug.
CMS Valladolid

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