At the occasion of the celebration of the 150th death anniversary of our Father Founder, Blessed Francisco Palau y Quer ""let us walk united in one heart” impels us Carmelite Missionaries, Secular Carmelite Missionaries, Friends, Volunteers, Benefactors and all Laity in shared mission, to a commitment of justice and solidarity, which today becomes more palpable in the thousands of refugees due to the war in Ukraine.“Pray from time to time for the needs of the wounded body of Jesus Christ and occupy yourself entirely for the salvation of others” Letters 6,4
We remind ourselves as active members in the Church, with the call of Pope Francis to an intense prayer for peace and to make precise our help to the Ukrainian refugees, that are being welcomed and accompanied by the Carmelite Missionary communities in Poland. Ukrainian refugees, welcomed and accompanied by the Carmelite Missionary Carmelite communities in Poland.
To this end, each Demarcation and its communities and groups of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel will organise themselves to carry out solidarity initiatives in favour of this humanitarian cause. The funds collected throughout the year will be sent to the Provincial Administration of each Demarcation, which in turn will send them to the General Administration for their final destination.
Individuals or institutions wishing to make their donation directly will be provided with a bank account to make their contributions in a secure manner.

Name of Bank: FIDEURAM
Name of the account: Casa Generalizia delle Suore Carmelitane Missionarie

Donation in Dollars

IBAN              IT13 R032 9601 6011 6100 9360 374
SWIFT:            FIBKITMM

Donation in Euros

IBAN:              IT65 O032 9601 6010 0006 5054 433

Solidarity makes us feel like brothers and sisters, all members of the same human family.
                                                                         TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE

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