The celebration of the Anniversary of the Death of our Founder Blessed Francisco Palau was very beautiful, we started with the Triduum, which we did together with our CMS of the community. On the closing day, the people we invited responded in great numbers, our CMS came with their families.
Luke Onwe, OCD, as it was Sunday, we had only three priests and one Brother, many went to their Sunday missions but joined us later. The homily was enjoyable as the priest highlighted some aspects of our Founder: he was a true Prophet of his time and he loved the Church passionately.
We had a joyful celebration with the people of God and many came to know our charism and us. Towards the end of the celebration, the Aspirants and some students presented the life of Fr Palau and the charism of the Congregation. We shared a meal with the people who came to celebrate with us. Our parish priest came with a good number of parishioners.

We thank God for the life of our Founder for the gift he is for us and for the whole Church.

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