El Vedra

"Es Vedra is always seemingly calm, under the water, holding all the strength it hides under the sea. It also has a meaning of freedom. The Ibicencan culture sees in it a new world surrounding the island and the Mediterranean Sea, something like a new day with each sunrise and sunset that makes each morning different from the other...". (Cf. The Blog)

For the Carmelite Missionary this mountain speaks to her of the meeting place of Francis with his beloved, of solitude and presence, of silence, of searching, of contemplative experience and missionary challenge. "I am going to the exercises at Vedra and on my return, I am at your service". Letter 93,1, "The main purpose of my journey to Ibiza was to consult God about all my affairs in the exercises that I make every year in Vedra". Letter 94,1

Looking at Vedra, contemplating it, invites us to return our eyes to the origins and discover the essence of the Charism, living this time of grace to embark on paths of renewal, humanisation and communion from our prayerful, fraternal and missionary life.

The colours

The colours of the semicircles are those that traditionally represent the five continents: red for America, green for Africa, white for Europe, yellow for Asia and blue for Oceania.

The curves

The curved lines used to design the logo imply movement; they are interconnected, suggesting projection, advancement, dynamics, expansion, communion, relationship and unity. Each one assumes the colour of a continent.

The motto: Let us walk together with one heart

Inspired by the wish of the Father and Founder:

"I desire that you all be of one heart, animated by one and the same spirit." "If you all form one heart, if this heart is animated, enlivened, directed and governed by the Spirit of God, how abundantly will God pour out his graces upon you!" Charter 7,2

"Being united you will march together..." Letter 7, 3

 The face of Blessed Francisco Palau and the logo of the Congregation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters are highlighted on the visual badge.

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