Children’s parliament in the boarding


Provincia “San Francisco Javier” India


o To empower the children and parents through training programs
o To conduct leadership camps
o To conduct awareness and exposure programs
o To train the children for future and better citizens of tomorrow

o To develop leadership qualities in the children
o To inculcate self- confidence in the children
o To help the children to choose their future profession through career guidance program.


We are working towards the empowerment of women and the girl child, children’s parliament is a step towards this move, every year we select the children to teach them to take leadership qualities in running of the boarding, which in turn will help to train the children to run administrative posts in the future.

Various awareness and exposure programs are conducted to train the children and the parents every month, awareness in ecology and preservation of the environment is also given, training on moral education and value education are also given. Children’s parliament aims at training these children in leadership qualities.


• Las estudiantes desarrollan cualidades de liderazgo, sentido de responsabilidad y el autocuidado.
• Capacitación para el cuidado del medio ambiente.
• Mejoran su autoestima y las relaciones interpersonales.

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