Name of the Project:

Walking towards food sovereignty

Name of the project:

Joint action



Demarcation:  Los Helechos, Misiones, Argentina, Province “San Juan de la Cruz” Province, Argentina

ObjectiveTo achieve food and economic self-sufficiency

Description: To support the “Cristo Rey” educational Institute EFA (School of  Agricultural formation) for the development of poultry production, for creating awareness on the importance of producing  healthy and ecologically sound food and capacitate 115 students of the institution, children of small producers and other interested farmers to start and improve the activity.

Demarcation:Betim, Brasil, General Delegation “Nossa Senhora Aparecida”

Name of the Project:   Joint action           


Objective: To offer support and solidarity to imprisoned youth, families in risk situations and sick.


It means join forces in the field of social promotion to rescue 20 imprisoned young people by training and promoting them for jobs; helping families with limited economic resources by providing food and medicines; collaborating to improve the quality of life of the sick.


Name of the project: 

Eating my colorful lunch I grow healthy and strong

 Name of the project:

Continuity to the help offered to HIV-AIDS patients



Demarcation: Nicaragua, Centro America and the Caribbean, Viceprovince “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe”

Objective: Implementing a nutrition program for 800 children of Niño Jesús de Praga   School, Chiquilistagua, Managua, Nicaragua.


The project consists in providing a daily nutritious breakfast to 800 children for improving their academic performance, organizing teams of parents for food preparation and forming the educational community for hygiene and food habits

Other NGO’s will be involved in funding the Project. 


Demarcation: Sakassou, Ivory Coast, Delegation “Notre Dame d’Afrique”.

Objective: Integral care offered to the HIV-AIDS patients and affected families.

Description: The reality of these patients is complicated and their needs are most likely other than medical treatment. They need a regular and balanced diet.

They consider it urgent to count upon a social and financial contribution to cover at least some of their priority needs.

Assured of a good diet, they can pass on to the financing of mini-project works - sustenance.

Lending support to provide food will cover the needs of 50 families in a year


Name of the project:

Family accompaniment

Name of the project:

Day care Centre for children aged 5 to 13 years (continuity)



Demarcation: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Province “Mater Carmeli”

Objective: To provide professional qualification to the students to improve their job placement options or insertion in hairdressing and esthetics and offer accompaniment to the parents of school tutoring students.

Description: The project aims at two purposes: Training young girls in hairdressing and esthetics, in order to obtain later a official degree to obtain a job and supporting the families of the school tutoring students in order to improve the quality of family life.

Demarcation:  Zabrze, Poland, Province, “Mater Carmeli”

Objective:  To provide opportunities and services for the children of Day care Centre that favour their integral growth and social insertion.

Description: The Center is located in one of the poorest sectors of the city of Zabrze. The children of this locality come from families affected by alcohol dependence, domestic violence and unemployment.

The recipients of this project are 60 children aged 5 to 13 years, from dysfunctional families at risk of marginalization, violence, crimes and dependencies.

It aims at keeping the children away from toxic environments, educating them in a healthy atmosphere, accompanying and supporting families specially the mothers, compensating lack of adequate nutrition and offering a space where the family ties may be strengthened.


Name of the project:

Course on elderly care at domicile

 Name of the project:

Care, protection and promotion of women and children at risk of social exclusion (continuity)



Demarcation: Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Province “Mater Carmeli”

Objective: To provide vocational training and future opportunities to women and men who lack legal status in Spain, so that they may have a degree and enter the working world.  

Description: In order to meet the demands of the families who want responsible persons to take care of their elders, the Fundación Privada Integramenet felt the need to train professionally the candidates who can respond to this demand.

The course aims at providing knowledge of nursing assistants in geriatrics and to acquire work habits and good relationships. 

Demarcation: Burgos, Spain, Province “Mater Carmeli”

Objective Attending and taking care of the children from zero to three years at risk of marginalization and abandonment so as to contribute that they may use the opportunities and services that favor their integral development and social insertion.

Description: It hosts 45 boys and girls, from zero to three years belonging to families with basic needs for their growth and varying degrees of socio economic disintegration in majority immigrants. The project aims at moving the children from environments that are not conducive to adequate personal growth..

It aims at forming in interpersonal relationshops and bringing out attitudes of respect, participation, and collaboration; it will contact their families, learn their needs and try to help to alleviate them.

It intends to create social networks that are conducive to both children and their families and facilitate social and labor integration of the families, especially the mothers.


 Name of the project:

BAOBAB the most vulnerable people (Continuity)

 Name of the project:

Feeding program for the children of "Mayor Santiago Garcia" School



Demarcation: Madrid, Spain, Province “Mater Carmeli”

Objective: To receive the most vulnerable Sub-Saharian African people who are at risk of social exclusion by providing a place of decent living and opportunities of formation and train them in community building in order to make their socio labour insertion and their integration in the Spanish society easier and real.

Description: It is one of the programs carried out in Pueblos Unidos Center of Foundation San Juan de Castillo – Madrid, where our Sr. Brígida Moreta is collaborating at present.

It hosts 20 African guys from 18 to 30 years for a maximum period of two years, with accommodation and meals; helps them for social and professional insertion. It provides basic professional training that gives access to employment and accompanies them in the process of regularizng their documents.

Demarcation: Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: To develop a feeding program for 350 children of “Mayor Santiago Garcia” School

Description: The project aims at feeding 350 school children from low-income families.

The area where the project is located is marginalized, with few opportunities for growth. This region occupies second place in child malnutrition. It intends to provide food three times a week, de-worming campaigns twice a year and periodical checking of the weight of the children. The integration of parents in the educational process is carried out by means of training for a healthy diet. 

 Name of the project:

Water for life

 Name of the project:

Food on the table



Demarcation:  Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines, Province, “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: Construction of a drinking water well to promote the quality of life of the people.

Description: The project consists of constructing a drinking water well in a mountainous area to which access is difficult in order to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.

Demarcation: Caburan, Davao Del Sur, Philippines, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: To improve the diet of 110 indigenous students, so that they could achieve  a higher academic performance

Description: The project aims at providing food for 110 indigenous students three times a week to improve the nutrition and school performance.

It will count upon the participation and collaboration of parents, the teaching staff, local government units and the Carmelite Missionaries.

Parents will be formed in human values, nutrition and hygiene.  


Name of the project:

Empowering Young people for a better future

 Name of the project:

Literacy program for children



Demarcation: Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: To develop leadership skills and commitment of indigenous youth, so that they could become agents of change in their family environment and in the society.

Description: The project is aimed at 30 indigenous youth from 13 to 35 years, belonging to poor families.

The project is located in the parish of San Isidro Barangay Gusa which is a coastal area where the prime activity is fishing.

Young people have very few opportunities for development in the region, which places them in a vulnerable situation and social risk.

This project aims to promote training workshops to motivate young people to develop leadership skills, participation and organization, with activities such as workshops, retreats, meetings, celebrations and camps. 

Demarcation: Sulamu, Indonesia, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: To Promote a literacy program for 60 refugee children from 6 to 15 years, with the aim of improving their living conditions.

Description: The beneficiaries are 60 children of 6 to 15 years from Tulakaboak, Sulamu. This area has no passable streets, the education system is deficient, the teachers teach them once a month.

The children come from families displaced by the war who live in precarious conditions . They will also receive a nutritious snack. 


 Name of the project:

Let's go camping

 Name of the project:

Kapiri Eco, women group



Demarcation: Kefamenanu, Indonesia, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”

Objective: To develop a integral formation program for our young people

Description: Nusa Tenggara is in the central region of Indonesia. The inhabitants speak several languages and there exist largest indigenous cultures such as Toraja, Bali, Timor, Flores. Here predominates the Muslim religion. Agriculture and mining are the biggest sectors of economy.

The intended beneficiaries of the project are young school children of the area, university students and professionals affected by social problems like prostitution, drug addiction and alcoholism.

It aims at acquiring suitable materials for the camp and encourage recreational activities in order to strengthen human and christian values.

Demarcation: Kapiri, Malawi, General Delegation “Our Lady Mother of the Church”.

Objective: To improve the envioronmental conditions and the quality of life of the people, through integral waste management system.

Description: The action target of the project is to train a group of 25 women in environmental and administrative efficiency in three categories: training, processing and marketing of burners to avoid the contamination.

Aims to raise public awareness among the people of Kapiri in proper waste management, organic waste, and caring for the environment and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. 


Name of the project:

Feeding program for "Saint Lucy" Secondary school (continuity)

Name of the project:

Fraternity "Happy grandfather" 



Demarcation: Raruowa, Kenya, General Delegation, “Our Lady, Mother of the Church”

Objective: To offer a well balanced diet to the boarding girls of “Saint Lucy” secondary school

Description:The beneficiaries will be 150 young girls from 16 to 20 years who will eat nutritious food to improve their school performance and to prevent them from dropping out of the school.

The girls of Saint Lucy School come from poor families, to whom an integrated education will be offered centered on human and christian values. 

Demarcation: Unguia, Chocó, Medellin, Province “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”

Objective: To provide comprehensive care to 25 abandoned elderly in the municipality of Unguía Choco, through encounters, food, recreation, spiritual strengthening and accompaniment.

Description:This is a caring program for the elderly living alone, with poor diet and physically, mentally disabled and unable to depend on themselves.

It intends to provide complete and balanced diet, physical and emotional well-being through game/recreational events and formation on human and christian values; They will be accompanied by the Carmelite Missionaries, benefactors and volunteers involved in the Project.


Name of the project:

Adult literacy

Name of the project:

More recycling, more market



Demarcation: Vijagual, Medellín, Province “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”

Objective: To Offer comprehensive education to the older adults of the Vijagual town through integration activities, socialization, recreation, social care, literacy, in order to learn reading and writing, promoting their involvement in an ever more demanding world.

Description: The project consists in educating a group of 50 adults who can’t read and write and who are interested in improving their quality of life, their access to the media, successful running of their small shops, to encourage interaction with their families living far from the village, to enable a more active participation in the parish pastoral care and in different activities in the region.

Demarcation: Argelia, Medellín, Province “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”

Objective: To get a PET crusher that would help reduce the load volume during transportation and improve sale prices, avoid the contamination and acquire better resources for improving the quality of life of the people.

Description: This project is aimed at the use of recyclable material named PET (crusher of polyethylene, a plastic used in beverages and textile containers).

It is planned to acquire a crusher of PET, to save time, have larger quantity of material and facility of transportation to the city of Medellin, where it hás a better price in the market so as to help the bigger number of families in the project.

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