pazfoscarDemarcation: Norcasia, Caldas, Province “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” Bogotá

Name of the Project“Empowering youth to build a peaceful society”

Objetive: To offer an integral formation and orientation to the youth residing in rural and urban areas of Norcasia for achieving physical, mental and spiritual health that would permit them develop their life project.  


The project is aimed at empowering the youth belonging to Rural Juvenile Center of Ciudad de Dios and the families with scarce economic resources and victims of the situation of armed conflict.

As a whole, the population consists of 2.303 young adolescents who represent a significant percentage. They will be accompanied by a psychologist in their healing process and for human, emotional and spiritual integration.

It is designed to give personal therapeutic attention, accompaniment during training and orientation process; follow up and counselling services to the families.

It aims at providing alternatives to enjoy a hopeful social future. decorative1

Demarcation:  Province “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesus”, Bogotáninoscancer

Name of the Project“Talitha Kumi”.

Objetive:  To give integral attention to the poor children and cancer patients hailing from different regions of the country, in shared solidarity with Santa María de los Niños Foundation Centre that offers facilities and other resources for this purpose.


This project will serve maximum 12 diagnosed children of cancer who reach the city of Bogota from different regions of the country; they hail from poor families and are not provided with a proper treatment at their place of origin.


It will provide accommodation to the child and a family member, food, transportation, spiritual animation, recreational and social accompaniment during the process of positive acceptance of the illness and its effects on the family.decorative1

Dieta-sanosDemarcation:  Nicaragua, Vice province “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe” , – Central America  & Caribe

Name of the Project“Eating in my coloured plate I grow healthy and strong”

Objetive: To develop a nutritious feeding program for 800 children of Technical School Niño Jesus de Praga, Chiquilistagua, Managua, Nicaragua.


The project aims at providing nutritious daily breakfast for 800 children to improve their academic performance, organizing parents for food preparation and training the educational community in hygienic and nutritional habits.

Other NGOS will be involved in financing the Project.decorative1

Demarcation: La Habana, Cuba, Vice province “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe”, Central America & Caribecuidado-mayores

Name of the Project“Caring for the treasure of the years”

Objetive: To take care and protect the elderly people of “San Francisco de Paula” old age home by responding to their basic needs of food and hygiene.


The project aims at attending 130 old people in vulnerable situations due to their old age and lack of family support and 30 needy families. It wants to improve the nutrition and hygiene and meet other primary requirements of the Center.decorative1

Participan-leerDemarcation: La Laguna, El Salvador, Vice province “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe”, - Central America & Caribe

Name of the Project:   “What a joy that I am able to read and write”

Objetive: To develop a literacy program for 20-year-old women or more, in the communities of La Laguna, Comalapa y Concepció, by responding to the integral promotion of women and their self-esteem.  


This project is designed for alphabetizing women, mothers of the family with scarce economic resources for their human promotion and for a better accompaniment to their school-age children.

 The social impact of the project can reach out to 3,000 people directly or indirectly thus achieving a better quality of life and inclusion in the world of labour and sustenance for women, the main victims of exclusion.decorative1

Demarcation: La Laguna, El Salvador, Vice province  “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe” - Central America  & Caribeninos discapacidad

Name of the Project: “I have a little school that accepts me as I am"”

Objetive:. To set up and promote fine motor skills and speech in 35 people from 3 to 45 years with special needs


The project is aimed at providing non-formal education to children and adults with speech difficulties and language. It will be assisted by a teacher, physiotherapist and an assistant.

A room of the parish with furniture and teaching materials for lessons will be used and snack will be provided as a nutritional supplement.

decorative1Demarcation: Plan del Pino, El Salvador, Vice province  “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe” - Central America  & Caribecomida

Name of the Project“Food for my brother/sister”

Objetive:  To promote and encourage the parish project "food for my brother/sister" by providing lunch to the abandoned elderly and poor families of the area.


The project would like to provide nutritional complement to the vulnerable elderly with the support of the parish groups involved in the pastoral work.

It will extend careful attention to the most vulnerable population through raising awareness of other social factors.

decorative1Demarcation: General Delegation “Notre Dame d’Afrique”, Ivory Coastayuda-enf

Name of the Project: “Continuity to the help offered to HIV-AIDS patients in our district of Sakassou"

Objetive: Integral care offered to the HIV - AIDS patients and affected families


These patients need medical care and a regular balanced diet, social and economic support to cover at least some of their priority needs.

The food support tries to cover the needs of 50 families in one year. Once this need is met, possibly we can pass on to the financing of mini-projects of work – sustenance.

decorative1Demarcation: El Prat de Llobregat- Barcelona, Province “Mater Carmeli”, Europe.ayudante

Name of the Project“Job training: Course of waiter/ess”

Objetive: Training program for the students to expand their options of labor insertion as waiter/ess, offering qualitative theoretical and practical knowledge not given by companies.

Description: The project is designed at capacitating 30 pupils to render a professional and quality service. It seeks to guide and accompany them in their process of labor insertion in the field of catering/chef by facilitating them to choose the best field for each one.

The recipients are men and women, indigenous or immigrants in a precarious situation

It will favour for mutual relationships, respect and reciprocity of values and services and adequate participation in the activities of the Center and of the Municipality.decorative1

Demarcation: Zabrze,  Province “Mater Carmeli”, Europe


Name of the Project:  “Day-care Centre for children aged 5 to 13 years”

Objetive: To provide the children of Day- care Center opportunities and services so as to foster their integral development and social integration.


The Center is located in one of the poorest sectors of the city of Zabrze. The children of this locality come from families affected by alcohol dependence, domestic violence and unemployment.

The recipients of this project are 60 children aged 5 to 13 years, from dysfunctional families at risk of marginalization, violence, crimes and dependencies. It aims at keeping the children away from toxic environments, educating them in a healthy atmosphere, accompanying and supporting families and in a special way the mothers, compensating lack of adequate nutrition and offering a space where the family ties may be strengthened.decorative1

Demarcation:  Burgos, Province “Mater Carmeli”, Europefamilias

Name of the Project:  “Care, protection and promotion of the children at risk of social exclusion”

Objetive: Attending and taking care of the children from zero to three years in risk of marginalization, abandonment so as to contribute that they may have opportunities and services that favor their integral development and social insertion.


It hosts 45 children and their families, who in majority are immigrants. The project aims at moving the children from environments that are not conducive to adequate personal maturity.

It trains for interpersonal relationships and brings out attitudes of respect, participation and collaboration. It contacts their families, becomes aware of their needs and helps to alleviate them.

It creates social networks that are conducive to both children and their families. It facilitates the social and labor integration of the families, especially the mothers.

decorative1Demarcation:  Madrid, Province “Mater Carmeli”, Europe  africans-work

Name of the Project:   “Hospitality in the Baobab project”

Objetive: Train the sub-Saharian people for employment and social integration in "Pueblos Unidos" Centre in Madrid.


It is one of the programs carried out in Pueblos Unidos Center of Foundation San Juan de Castillo – Madrid, where our Sr. Brígida Moreta is collaborating at present.

It hosts African men for certain duration of time by offering them accommodation, food and helps them for social and labor insertion. It offers basic professional training that gives access to employment and accompanies in the process of regularizing their documents.

Time of stay is determined by the criteria of responsibility used during the training programs, relationships in the group and the effort of integration and social adaptation in the Spanish society.decorative1

Demarcation:   Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Province “Mater Carmeli”, Europe   profesionales

Name of the Project: “Nursing Assistant in Geriatrics “

Objetive: To provide vocational training and future opportunities to women and men who do not have legal status in Spain, so that they may have a degree and gain access to the field of work.


The project is aimed at preparing adults who are facing precarious situations, who intend to work in the Geriatrics and wish to be trained that would permit them to enter the labor market.

The recipients of the project are 20 immigrant and native women settled inSanta Coloma de Gramenet. They will be:

Trained as nursing assistants in Geriatrics

Formed for routine work, intercultural relations, respect for the established norms and for knowledge of specific terminologies in Catalan. Accompanied in search of work.

The project intends to answer the need of preparing immigrant women, who need to gain access to the labor market and guarantee the sustenance of their families.decorative1

Demarcation: Cagayan de Oro, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippinescarcel

Name of the Project: “Upliftment of the inmates of the Central Prison of Misamis Oriental”

Objetive: To promote a process of integral formation, so that the prisoners could acquire knowledge and skills that would help to integrate themselves into their families and the society in a worthy manner.


The project is destined to 500 inmates: 462 men, 21 women and 17 juveniles.The majority of inmates come from poor areas and do not have schooling.

It intends to provide a comprehensive education programme for prisoners for acquiring knowledge and skills, thus to incorporate themselves into their families and the society through literacy programs, value education and technical training in manufacturing carpets and cosmetology.decorative1

Demarcation: Dingle, Iloilo, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippinespapel

Name of the Project: “Food, paper and pencil for the children of Caguyuman elementary school”

Objetive: To provide food and school materials to the children of “Caguyuman elementary School”, in order to improve their academic performance.


The project aims at helping 153 children of “Caguyuman elementary School” that come from poor families. Students will get a nutritious meal each day and value education twice a week.

The parents will receive a training every month and will collaborate through vegetables, rice and the transport. The educational community will organize itself to collaborate in the execution of the project.  decorative1

Demarcation: Dueñas, Iloilo,  Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippines

Name of the Project: “Family Camps”


Objetive: ToOrganize family camps, to encourage mutual relationships and integration.


It is necessary to have enough space for family meetings and camps for youth and children.decorative1

Demarcation: Thailand, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippines

Name of the Project: “Journeying Home”

Objetive: To promote a program for older adults in the parishes: St Agnes Parish, Angela Parish, San Lucas and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, so as to improve the physical, mental and spiritual development in this last stage of life.



This Project aims at attending 35 Catholic and Buddhist older adults.They come from a poor area and with scarce economic resources. There are more elderly peoplethan the young and the majority of older adults live alone, in inhumane conditions.

The program includes: formation on the care and hygienic habits, medical attention and access to socio – cultural activities.decorative1

Demarcation: Thailand, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippines

Name of the Project: “Youth value formation: Road to fullness of life”

Objetive: To facilitate a process of integral formation to the youth, to develop leadership skills and commitment; to be agents of change in their family circle and in the society.


The beneficiaries of this project are 20 young people aged 14 to 23 years of:  St. Agnes Parish, St. Angela Parish and St. Luke Parish, from poor and dysfunctional families. It aims at strengthening their leadership skills, participation and organization, with recreational activities, workshops, retreats, meetings, celebrations and camps.decorative1

Demarcation:  Mati, Davao Oriental, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippines


Name of the Project: “Feeding program at Don Enrique Lopez Elementary school”

Objetive: To develop a feeding program for 300 children Don Enrique Lopez” Elementary School


The project intends to feed 300 children, three times a week, for improving nutrition and academic performance. decorative1

 Demarcation: Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, Philippines medicina-natural 

Name of the Project: “Aircon installation for PSDS Livelihood”

Objetive: To install two air conditioning units for the maintenance of food and medicinal plants of Natural Medicine Center.


With this installation suitable environment will be maintained for the processing and storage of herbs and medicinal substrates.decorative1

Demarcation:: Jhapa, Nepal Province “St. Francis Xavier”, IndiaJhapa

Name of the Project: “Simalbari Women towards sustainable development”

Objetive: To begin job training for women in order to generate sources of income for their families and environmental transformation.


The recipients of the project are a group of 45 women and 50 children in a rural zone of Jhapa, to which will be offered education, leadership skills, self-help groups, workshops for job promotion, courses on agriculture, mushroom cultivation, fishing, pig rearing and honey production.

The reality and cultural context of this project is of underdeveloped rural area; its economy is based on agriculture, education and health levels are deficient and they lack basic services.decorative1

Demarcation: Arusha, Tanzania, General Delegation “Our Lady Mother of the Church” Kenya


Name of the Project:    “Food, clothing and hygiene”

Objetive: To develop a program of integral promotion for women at Fayowodu Center, so as to empower them with skills to learn a trade and thus improve their self-esteem.  


The project is designed to provide sustenance and accommodation to 30 adolescent women victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, forced marriage, domestic, physical and psychological violence. Also, it offers accommodation to 20 orphan children.

Women and children will receive formal education, counselling and preparation for reintegrating in their families. decorative1

Demarcation: Raruowa, General Delegation “Our Lady Mother of the Church”, Kenyafood

Name of the Project:    “Food subsidy for St. Lucy Girls Secondary School”

Objetive: To offer balanced food to the students of St. Lucy elementary school


The beneficiaries will be 270 young girls between 16 to 20 years, who will receive nutritious food to improve their academic performance and prevent school dropouts. These girls come from poor families, to whom integral education will be offered centered on human and Christian values.

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